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Why Travel Aboard On A Cross Cultural Adventure
Embark on the adventure trip of a lifetime!  Time spent on this cultural exchange will never be forgotten and will impact your life forever, allowing you to make new friends around the world.  You will see the world through different eyes as you experience cultures from around the world.
CCA's youth cultural exchange travel offers short and long-term travel programs for American and Canadian teens and adults worldwide.  Our projects provide participants with the opportunity to make a dif-ference through volunteer service and leadership.

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Traveling abroad with Cross-Cultural Adventures provides an opportunity to see the world and offer a helping hand to countries around the globe.  Potentially, our desire is to establish a worldwide network of schools and training centers where traveling students can obtain an education while staying in their respective country.
This cultural exchange will give you an experience that is unparalled to any other!  You will be submerged in various cultures, learning their customs, traditions and having exposure to their languages.  This will be an unforgettable time as you step out into the unknown and help change the world!
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