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Cross Cultural Adventures' Exchange Abroad Programs
We are currently concentrating on our opportunities in Africa, China, Peru, Haiti and India, but please do contact us in regards to various other location such as South American, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and many more.
Embark on one of these cultural exchange trips and it will be the cultural adventure of a lifetime!  Time spent on this cultural exchange will never be forgotten and will impact your life forever, allowing you to make new friends around the world.  You will see the world through different eyes as you experience various cultures.
Culture Exchange / Volunteering in Africa takes you one step further into the true character of this intriguing continent than the average visitor. With over 5 years experience in facilitating responsible volunteering in Southern and East Africa, at African Impact we believe we are the on-the-ground African specialists in volunteer project management. We pride ourselves on being ambassadors of responsible and meaningful travel in partnership with our charity The Happy Africa Foundation. Volunteering with us in Africa could mean anything from working with lions at our African Lion Rehabilitation project in Zimbabwe, to teaching children or orphans in Cape Town or AIDS work in Mozambique...

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Volunteer in South Africa
China Cultural Exchange takes you one step further into the true character of this intriguing vast and diverse continent than the average visitor.

Cross Cultural Adventures is in cooperation and partnership with SINO Volunteer a, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps international volunteers to teach,travel,study or learn in China through volunteering actions and intercultural exchange and intercultural exchange projects such as Study in China, Teach in China, Travel in China and Learn Kungfu in China and so on.

Sino Volunteer is a network and focal point of an international volunteer consortium consisting of a group of professionals and educators, both in China and worldwide and our Programs are sponsored by the local schools and universities in Yantai, Shandong Province, China. Our joint mission is to bridge gaps and promote fraternity among cultures for the benefit of all, through volunteering in the local Chinese communities. Sino Volunteer encourages friendship, cultural awareness and understanding through cultural immersion, education enhancement, capacity-building projects as well as the beneficial experience of volunteering to both the volunteer and the local community.

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Volunteer in China Programs
India Cultural Exchange trips take you one step further into the true character of this intriguing vast and diverse country than the average visitor.  Immerse yourself in the friendly Indian culture of Asia during your cultural trip to Northwestern India. We will take the opportunity to share our lives and culture while visiting several unique destinations throughout the country. With this cross cultural adventure, we will visit famous Indian sites and volunteer with several projects in the area or a time as well. 

The activities done by volunteers in our projects are primarily connected with education and child care in various institutions that we have identified as appropriate for volunteers. We constantly seek expansion of the positive influence of the programs by including new activities that can engage volunteers in gainful activities for the local population.
  • Education and child care are the most common activities that we offer.
  • Volunteer/community work activities during stay in Jaipur include:
  • Work in Musical College with Blind and Poor Children
  • Care Elephant Near amber fort
  • Computer and English Teaching classes for rural and poor people.

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Volunteer abroad in India
Faith-based Christian Cultural Exchange Trips:
Culture Exchange Trips
Imagine serving the people overseas, sharing your life and love with orphans, bringing hope to the destitute, and transforming your life forever. Imagine volunteering in an humanitarian project or orphanage that propels you into a deeper walk of faith and begin friendships that will last a lifetime...

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Learn Spanish In Costa Rica and cultural exchange trips will not only be very educational and rewarding, but you will experiance this latin culture an see some of the great sites in Costa Rica
The programs offered are:
  • An intense though simple review of Spanish basics. This course includes Spanish grammar rules, emphasis on pronunciation for increased ease of conversation and allows plenty of practice time for verbal and written Spanish. The goal of this program is to provide the student with basic language skills and functional fluency while living with a Costa Rican Host Family.
  • Professional Classes are also avialable for the Medical Field, Educators, Enviormental Science and Business.

Choose From:
  • Latin Culture 101: In addition to the General Spanish Language Program, Latin Culture 101 includes 2 more hours of cultural lessons. These lessons include Latin dance, Costa Rican cooking, history and art.
  • Sports and Athletics: This program offers you the opportunity to study Spanish and practice different sports through athletic exchanges. If available, Amistad may even be able to offer students with the opportunity to play with a Costa Rican team. Also students have the opportunity to go and see sports games. This program includes extra lessons to teach students the vocabulary and language expressions concurrent with their sport of choice.
  • Nature Lovers: This program includes the General Spanish Language Program plus visits to various national parks. Some excursions include Lankaster Gardens, Fabio Baudrit Agro-Ecological Experimental Station, Simon Bolivar Zoo, Irazu and Poas Volcanoes and others. The students will be asked to write reports about their visits to turn into their Spanish professors.
  • 50+ Special Program: This program is a fun filled time for senior citizens. It is filled with Spanish lessons (9hrs), 2 visits per week to museums, art galleries, fun sites, restaurants, etc. This program is for those people who know how to enjoy life. We can also advise you on how to retire and invest in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica Spanish Learning an Cultural Exchange Programs