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Teacher Exchange Overview (whether you are a certified teacher or not):
Cross-Cultural Adventures is an educational and cultural exchange organization that endeavors to match teachers and schools together according to their wishes, talents and training.  Some opportunities require teaching certification and some do not.  There are locations open for people interested in teaching conversational English, Music, Sports, Arts and Etc. as well.  If you are a school looking for teachers, please contact us with your needs and requirements.

Current Opportunities:
Teaching or Teacher Exchange - Cross Cultural Adventures
Picture of Beijing area Learning Center
Beijing, China Area - Teaching English
Immerse yourself in the friendly Chinese culture of East Asia during your stay in the Beijing area, visit famous Chinese areas such as The Great Wall, Summer Palace and the Forbidden City on your days off.
  • This private learning center and school has currently less than 30 students from G 1-7.
  • Message from the school founder:  Our A+ Academy is looking for a like-minded English native speaker as a full time foreign staff this coming school year.  Below is a photo that our A+ Academy will be in for the next three years most likely. We, other two passionate mothers and I, are working as partners to run this small scale whole day "homeschool" for Chinese children and several foreign kids who are from like-minded neighboring families.
    We are looking for an English native teacher who is dynamic, fun, creative, enjoy learning, enjoy teaching, enjoy children, enjoy life. Someone who loves people. It is better, but not necessary,  that this teacher has some experience in teaching and have a ESL/EFL teaching certificate. It would be even more ideal that this teacher could teach other subjects like science, art, music, PE, social-studies, drama, etc.
  • They will provide this teacher a working visa, lodging (sweet home-stay), food, 10000rmb ($1530) for air tickets, and a humble monthly salary for around 2000rmb ($300).
  • Please contact us for some other special requirements.

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Beijing Area Trip
Northern Peru Area - Teaching English
Immerse yourself in the friendly Peruvian culture of Northern Peru during your stay, visit famous Peruvian areas on your days off.
  • This opportunity is a private Christian K-12 School.
  • Teaching Certification is not required.
  • You would be teaching English, Music, Sport or Etc.
  • Please contact us for some other special requirements.

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