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Cross-Cultural Adventures is an educational and cultural exchange organization based in Phoenix, AZ.  CCA is promoting global learning and exchange by offering opportunities for students and adults to experience life in other cultures than their own.  We offer multi-culture exchange trips, character building youth camps, parenting workshops and more.  With worldwide contacts, staff and a dedication to global education, character development and promoting effective parenting skills makes us a mark above the rest both here and abroad.   Through this, we are contributing to the development and education of tomorrow's leaders. We believe that success in life, the quality of emotional intelligence and personality is more important than a person's IQ.

The vision of Cross-Cultural Adventures is to provide a cultural exchange program that offers students, host families, parents, schools and communities a quality experience and character training that will not only enhance personal growth but also establish lasting friendships.  Our programs are designed to provide excellent educational opportunities and intensive cross-cultural experiences to students internationally that will expand their normal scope of world understanding.

Our mission at Cross-Cultural Adventures is to supply avenues for traveling abroad, learning effective parenting, developing and teaching character and participating in a foreign exchange program. Our parenting workshops have the ability and tools to completely transform the family, equipping parents to properly and productively deal with relationships or other problems with their children. Whether you are looking to study internationally or volunteer to help with building projects or character development in foreign countries, we have an opportunity for you! Organized programs combined with our amazing and knowledgeable staff will be what guide you through this adventure that WILL impact your life forever!

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